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Inquiry Phase: Reflect

At the beginning of the Reflect Phase, a student may ask:

  • Is my product/presentation as effective as I can make it?
  • How well did my inquiry process go?
  • How can I get feedback on my final product to use in my next inquiry project?



  • Develops evaluative criteria.
  • Participates in peer evaluation.
  • Engages in self-evaluation.
  • Asks new questions for continuing inquiry.


Before moving to to another assignment or personal inquiry, a student may ask:

  • What new understandings did I develop about the topic or idea?
  • What did I learn about inquiry?
  • What new questions do I now want to answer about the topic or idea?


AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

  • STANDARD 2: Learners use skills, resources, & tools to draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations and create new knowledge.
    • Self-Assessment Strategies
      • 2.4.2 Reflect on systematic process, and assess for completeness of investigation.
      • 2.4.3 Recognize new knowledge and understanding.
      • 2.4.4 Develop directions for future investigations.


  • STANDARD 3: Learners use skills, resources, & tools to share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic society.
    • Skills
      • 3.1.5 Connect learning to community issues.
    • Self-Assessment Strategies
      • 3.4.1 Assess the processes by which learning was achieved in order to revise strategies and learn more effectively in the future.
      • 3.4.2 Assess the quality and effectiveness of the learning product.
      • 3.4.3 Assess own ability to work with others in a group setting by evaluating varied roles, leadership, and demonstrations of respect for  other viewpoints.



Inquiry Process            Connect            Wonder           Investigate            Construct           Express           Reflect


From the New York City School Library System – Information Fluency Continuum

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