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URL http://www.diigo.com/
Description Social Bookmark site for personal and professional use in the classroom setting
Account Types

Free: 30 page limit with ads

Education: http://www.diigo.com/education

Paid: $20-$40 per year


1) Go to: https://secure.diigo.com/sign-up?referInfo=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.diigo.com

2) Fill out the form

3) Watch the tutorials or get started and start bookmarking!


Suggested Inquiry Activities

Collect resources to have students view which support inquiry activities surrounding a set of primary sources.
Have students add sticky notes to a bookmarked site or primary source to denote its importance in a course of study/unit
Add sticky notes to give information for students to focus on
Add a sticky note to give an essential question
Use the drawing tools to analyze a source and then take a screen shot of it (snapshot)  to upload for student use


What Teachers Like About Diigo

  • Allows teachers to collect websites for a particular use and classroom theme and can be accessed or shared with a larger community of students or teachers. 
  • Consider using a school Diigo account to house bookmarked sites for the entire school and then they can be sorted and used by multiple teachers
  • Create notes and highlight information in the Diigo sites
  • Tag the sites-- and create your own personal database of web materials
  • Creates a shared collaborative community of resources available ANYWHERE not just at school. You can access them at home as well
  • If enough people are using it and sharing  it it can act as a community "reader" of information
  • It easily bypasses filters of most school districts


Teacher Tips For Using the Tool

  • Be thoughtful of your tags  -- in this case more is better
  • Consider how others would look for your information when entering tags, especially students
  • Create subgroups and folders to organize your information


Common Core State Standards





AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner




ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) NETS Standards



Primary Sources Example

Hulstrom Options School Library Diigo




Getting Started

Diigo introduction video 





Delicious http://www.delicious.com/


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